Chris McCune

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Singer / Songwriter



American Folk


Country Blues

(828) 527 - 9874

Chris McCune’s latest recorded works titled “Originals Live From the Heart of the Blue Ridge“ was written, arranged, published and released by the singer-songwriter himself. The response to his body of work and his seventeen handmade tunes has been a positive one. The CD was recorded with the intention of giving you the sound that you hear when Chris is playing in the room. No fancy effects for this guy.

Now when it comes to Chris’ pickin’ style, you’ll see his own special effects as his fingers skate across any stringed instrument. It is hard to fit him in any certain  genre with his unique way of cross picking and his different tunesmithing, he fits into many. If you had to select a slot for his music you could fit him under the categories of Americana or Alternate Country, for starters. He is without a doubt, a Folk Troubadour. In his music, you will recognize the influences of Jim Croce, Norman Blake, Tony Rice and Steve Earle; just to name a few.

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